Please spend some time reading through our frequently asked questions about many aspects of DVR and Avalon Systems Group.

Q: What is DVR?
A: DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the industry standard term applied to stand-alone and PC based recorders that import media to a computer hard drive providing the highest quality of recorded video available (unlike other recording media such as VHS tapes and analog equipment that uses magnetic coding and suffer from quality loss).

Q: What are the benefits of a DVR system?
A: DVR takes the place of a security monitor, motion sensors, time lapse recorder, multiplexors, video motion sensors, remote view hardware, and accessories. Users can digitally record all video and login remotely to see their cameras.

Q: How do your DVR Systems compare to other systems?
A: Our DVR systems are built using quality computer components and include a 17" color monitor. Some systems advertise a high rate such as 480 frames per second. Be cautious. These systems only display this rate and record as little as 30 frames total. That 30 frames has to be divided by the total number of cameras (as with all DVR systems). Our DVW systems offer 120 frames per second display but ALSO 120 frames recording and smart recording technology (SRT) which you will not find with other systems. We also use a proprietary wavelet compression system to maintain the quality of the recorded images and obtain the most video per MB of hard drive space.

Q: What about a cash register interface?
A: Call us with your specific cash register interface needs and we'll be glad to provide that as well.

Q: What kind of video tape to I use?
A: The DVR system does not use traditional video tapes. Instead, it records video to a computer hard drive.

Q: Can I use this DVR system with my existing cameras?
A: Yes, you can. Our DVR system is compatible with all CCTV cameras including speed domes including speed domes based on the RS485 communications platform.

Q: What about your warranty?
A: Our DVRs are warranted 12 months after the date of sale. We gladly offer a replacement for all defective equipment with the same or comparable equipment.

Q: What is the shipping time?
A: To maintain the latest equipment and low prices, all DVR systems are built when purchased. It takes 5-7 days on average to build. There is a 48 hour burn in time for the software.

Q: Why does it take so long to build and what is a burn in time?
A: Honestly, it only takes a day to build the equipment, but occasionally we may run across a computer component that does not stand up to our standards. If that particular component is out of stock, we have to wait for our normal delivery. Generally speaking, this is not a problem. As far as the burn In time, this is a standard practice with all computer building facilities. This insures that the software operates properly. We use Microsoft Windows 2000 ProfessionalT for the operating system in all of our systems.

Q: How can I pay for my purchase?
A: We gladly accept all forms of credit cards. You may also prepay with a money order or check. Checks will be held until the funds clear and checks will be verified prior to deposit. This is done to reduce the possibility of fraud. As with many e-tailers, we receive many fraudulent orders due to the anonymity of the online surfer.

Q: How do you ship?
A: We ship UPS ground insured. As always, we pay for the shipping. The shipping label will be from Avalon SG.

Q: Do you offer technical support?
A: We have a full technical support staff. We offer support to both our dealers and our retail customers. Occasionally you may have to leave a message and a tech will return your call. We even offer after hours tech support. Just leave a message with the answering service or voice mail and a tech will gladly call you back.