DVR Manual
Remote Software Manual


Simultaneous live images

Instant picture retrieval by date/time and camera number

Images are compressed down to an average of file size between 2~3Kb per picture using Engine-X Algorithm (Engine-X is a unique Kodicom development)camera number

Reduces the amount of data and automatically records specific events

High quality picture transmission over PSTN, ISDN & LAN network

1, 4, 9, 16 split monitoring

PAN/TILT/ZOOM, control and other electronic devices

16Ch cameras real-time display and recording

High speed network transmission

Easy to use GUI (Graphical User Interface)
High Image quality

Include various functions (motion detection, schedule, backup, etc.)

Financial institution, Apartment, Airports, Jewelry Stores, Department Stores, Weather Stations, Bus Station, Hospitals, Transportation Facilities, Parking Lots, Warehouse, Casinos, Military bases, Skiing Slope, Gas Station


- Split screen : 1~16cameras
- Live Display
- Digital Zoom
- User Defined Motion
 Detection with Audible Alarm
- Easy Operation with User
 Friendly GUI and On-Screen

- Search by Date, Time and
- Various Search Functions :
 Play back, forward & backward,
 skip, slow motion, pause,
 frame by frame, zoom In/Out
 and brightness control etc.
- Intelli-Search Function

- Control of up to 4PTZ
 cameras (RS-422 and RX
- Function : Pan, Tilt, Zoom,
 Focus and Presets